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Powerwalk Sequence

This storyboard sequence is a class project on a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, "The Dregs". My role was to storyboard quick intense action scenes for 10 different characters from the campaign's roster. This segment, featuring characters Fungulus and Mulk respectively, are the 2 of the 10 characters I used for storyboarding the scenes.

"The Weather Monitor" Storyboard

"The Weather Monitor" is a storyboard project I created as a mentee for the Netflix Animation Foundations Program, where I was put in a story team to create an original story based on a prompt about a change in the weather. The concept was inspired by the cryptid mythology of atmospheric creatures that resided above the clouds.

"Frank's Magic" Storyboard Sequence

This is another storyboard sequence from the Dungeons & Dragons campaign project, "The Dregs". This segment, featuring a mage named Frank is among one of the 10 characters I used for storyboarding the action scenes.

Superhero 2D Animation Project

This animation was part of The Superhero Project. I was assigned to help animate the action scenes with the blob creature. Animated in Toonboom Harmony. 

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